Confusion about the Career after 12th?

Picking up the right career option after 12th is a critical and life-changing decision that students need to take. It is significant on the grounds that the right career path after 12th can prompt a successful career after the course or training completion or may turn into a footway for post-graduation course. The following article will give you a thorough idea about the career option available in the animation and VFX industry after 12th.

Is Animation A Successful Career Option After 12th

It is not always needed to be a specialist, engineer or doctor. Presently, students want to explore other professional educational options where they can learn and enjoy what they do.

Usually, it is noticed that it is very difficult for the students to choose between degree and diploma courses after 12th. The present generation is very peculiar and choosy and they do not want to settle down for cliché courses like engineering, medical science or B.Com courses. Students, these days, have a wide range of exciting course available in different animation and VFX field which leads them to a great career in future 

Career prospects and job opportunities

Animation and VFX have become extraordinary career option among Indian students. Beforehand, this field was basically obscure to the mass. But, over the most recent couple of years, this field has acquired a lot of consideration and has hence grown rapidly. The success of animated movies and kid’s shows has extraordinarily added to the development of this field in India. 

Studios, film production houses and animation industries are flowing more and more money into this field to improve the quality of their works. They realize that animation has huge potential in India.

Demand for quality creative animation experts is quite high in India. Studios, Film production houses and animation organizations realize how huge the field is. They have the cash to consume as well! All they need is qualified and talented artists, who can rejuvenate their work and assist them in earning a lot of benefits! 

Making a piece of animation isn’t just about drawing, outlining, and rejuvenating the characters using some product. As a matter of fact, there are various stages and cycles associated with this work. This is the primary reason why film production houses and animation organizations have a large number of dedicated staff of illustrators! In view of the stages engaged with this interaction, one may take on any of the accompanying position profiles.

  • Director
  • Production Designer
  • Scriptwriter
  • Illustrator
  • Digital Painter
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Modeler
  • Animator
  • Compositor
  • Editor

One can even specialize in any of the above-mentioned areas of work! And to flourish in this field, one should have the following set of abilities and qualities;

  • Good Communication skills 
  • Good observational skills
  • Creativity
  • Drawing/sketching skills
  • Ability to get into character
  • Patience and Concentration 
  • Eye for detail
  • Teamwork skills
  • Computer and Software skills

In the Beginning, Salary relies upon variables. Prominent reasons are-profile of the persons’ abilities, aptitudes and grades achieved by the employee. Usually, starting salary would be around 10-20k Rupees each month but high-profile animation studios and media houses, payment structure will be higher than normal organizations.

Animation is not only an exciting field of study, but it is also up and coming. Animation is typically defined as a dynamic medium, where objects and characters are manipulated and made to move in a three-dimensional space.

Animation Courses in India

Undergraduate Courses:

  • B.A. Animation and Multimedia – 3 years
  • Animation and C.G. Arts – 3 years 
  • Animation and Graphic Design – 3 years
  • Digital Filmmaking and Animation – 3 years
  • BSC Animation and Multimedia – 3 years 
  • Animation and Gaming – 3 years 
  • Animation and VFX – 3 years
  • BVA Animation – 3 years
  • BFA Animation, Graphics and Web Designing – 3 years

Diploma Courses

  • 2D Animation – 1 year
  • Animation and Filmmaking – 1 to 2 years
  • 3D Animation – 1 year
  • Animation and VFX – 1 year
  • Digital Animation – 1 year
  • Animation, Video Editing, and Post Production work – 1 to 2 years
  • C.G. Animation – 6 months
  • VFX – 6 months

These are some certification and training programs you can register for easily. In this field and opportunities exist both with the government as well as the private sector. Animation is a growing industry, and it is at its peak. There are numerous animation houses both in India and abroad that work for clienteles. An animator and multimedia professional can also work as a freelancer or start his / her own enterprise with skills and funds.  Animators work in various capacities. For details on career options in Animation, Graphics, Multimedia & Gaming, click here.

This article will assist you with getting a wide range of ideas on various courses and also you will become acquainted with what will be the right course for you after 12th. Animation and visual effects (VFX) would really be prospecting professional alternatives after 12th be it in science, arts, or any stream.

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