Is VFX and Animation a good career option after BTech?

Young people frequently take time to understand where their real interests and prospective lie (in terms of choosing a career). That is perfectly normal. Not everyone will be connected to recognise their unique skills and passion for a specific career path at a young age. For centuries, pursuing a science-related education has been the norm (and a source of great pride) in India. Many young people, willingly or unwillingly, pursue a degree in engineering (or a related field). But what if their true passion is something else? As for animation or visual effects?

As a leading institute offering a wide range of media courses, we are frequently asked by students and parents whether a career in VFX and Animation is worthwhile, and whether it is possible to pursue it after graduating with a degree in a different discipline.

With the arrival of the twenty-first century and the internet boom, the IT industry opened up enormous career opportunities and drew greater attention as a career option among Indian youth in the early years. Students began to enrol in educational and professional courses in order to obtain jobs in this sector. However, as times have changed, career opportunities in this industry have become more limited, which is why unemployment among engineering graduates, particularly BTech graduates, is on the rise. 

With limited opportunities in the IT-sphere, there is an urgent need for a significant shift in trend and mindset. Following that, one of the fastest-growing industries with more job opportunities is the VFX and animation industry. A growing number of students are enrolling in VFX and animation academies to study VFX design. One of the most significant benefits of learning VFX and animation is that it can be applied in a variety of fields such as filmmaking, web design, video production, documentary editing, and many others in the news and entertainment industries.

The prospects for this multifaceted field are even brighter than those for the IT industry in the near future. Despite the fact that this industry is expanding in India, the central question for BTech graduate students remains, ‘Is VFX and animation a good career move to consider after completing BTech?’

The short and simple answer is yes. However, due to a lack of proper information, people in countries such as India continue to have a very limited understanding of this field. BTech graduates have a better chance of establishing a strong career in the VFX and animation industry due to their solid knowledge of computer tools, sharp drawing skills used specifically to create animated characters, and unrivalled creativity.

With the technical knowledge that BTech graduates possess, it is very easy for them to understand and apply the concepts of VFX and animation in reality. The only thing you need to do is learn the craft and the tools for it, and then the future is bright for you in this totally different domain in the Indian entertainment industry.

Mastering the art is critical for VFX and animation to succeed in this emerging industry. It is strongly advised that you enrol in either a diploma or a certificate-level course at a VFX and animation academy that offers programmes and courses in VFX and animation are specially designed by industry-leading experts, and they are taught by the best faculty in this field.

This will provide you with a thorough understanding of the tools, techniques, and skills required to be a successful animator and VFX artist, as well as a strong sense of your prospects in this field.

As a result, after learning VFX and animation, BTech graduates have a plethora of opportunities. Work opportunities are available in a variety of professional fields, including media and journalism, advertising, films, television, OTT platforms, cartoon production, advertising, and gaming. 

Remember, you don’t have to have a degree to work in this industry. What matters is your ability to be creative and productive. However, learning art is critical in this situation. Arena Animation – The Best VFX Institute in Hyderabad offers a variety of VFX and animation courses which teaches VFX and animation from the ground up and then provides career counselling to help you build a strong career in this industry with a bright future.

Arena Animation, with strong industry connections and a solid reputation as one of the leading colleges for VFX and Animation, provides imaginative young people with the opportunity to learn the nuances of the art and gain the skills required for a successful career as an animation or VFX artist.

If you have completed your BTech and are considering a career in VFX and Animation, please contact us right away. All you need is a creative streak as well as a passion for new technology!

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